Welcome to the Streets of London!

There is always something iconic happening on the streets of London. When you think about the streets of London that must be visited, especially for shopping purposes when on vacation, you think of Oxford Street which is the heart of London shopping or Carnaby street which is known as the birthplace of the fashion and cultural revolution in the sixties. Other popular streets are Regent Street, Jermyn Street and Bond Street which offer a world of excitement, fun and possibilities, especially for someone visiting London for the first time. However, at the end of the day once the fun and excitement is over, you will need somewhere to stay where you can rest and rejuvenate to take on your next adventure on the Streets of London. This is why it is very important that you choose accommodation that are not only safe and secure but are also located in close proximity to the main streets in London. 

We at the Streets of London offer a variety of comfortable holiday rentals for short or extended stay. Having booked one of our apartments, you will not only have a living room to relax and entertain but you will also have a full-furnished kitchen where you can prepare you meals, not only for yourself but also for your guests. 

Features of Booking with Us!



We are concerned with your security when you book with us. We conduct background check on apartment owners prior to their apartment’s registration for listing on our portal. This ensures that you stay in a secured environment without any worries.


Trusted Sources

Apartments listed on our website are from trusted sources. Hence, the apartment owners are genuinely interested in renting out. Apart from this, booking it online with us ensures that your booking is successfully done and you don’t face any hassles.

Amazing Prices!

When you end up comparing your cost of accommodation with apartment and hotel in London, you will be amazed by the amazing price that you will get at Streets of London. The amount of money that you will save will also be something amazing to calculate!

Privacy Guaranteed

When living in a rented apartment in London, we guarantee your privacy. These apartments are 100% free from any CCTV cameras or recording devices. Apart from that, they are independent and offer complete privacy for you and your loved ones.

Benefits of Apartments

You might be wondering why you should choose one of our apartments when London has so many great hotels. Well, there are indeed a lot of great hotels in London but our apartments offer a number of benefits that these hotels do not offer, simply because they are hotels and not apartments. 


More Space

An apartment provides you with plenty of space to relax and work.


More Freedom

The extra space of an apartment provides you with more freedom.


More Convenience

You can choose to do what you want when it’s convenient for you.


More Flexibility

There is no minimum stay required and you can negotiate better rates for longer stay.




Read what some of our said about our holiday rentals!

I booked an apartment through Streets of London and the experience was amazing. The owner was friendly in introducing us to his property and we got all the amenities in the fully furnished apartment.

By Chad C. Stamper

I have always chosen to book apartments instead of hotels as they are cheaper and the benefits are more. For booking apartments in London and nearby areas, Streets of London is no doubt the best source.

By Danielle R. Burnett

Streets of London helped me save over 200 pounds on accommodation duing my first trip to London. This was a lot of money for a person travelling from Sri Lanka to London. Great service and initiative.  

By Shri K. Persaud